Coup Monitor

We monitor anticoup protests in Egypt

Objective monitoring

We have developed a concise monitoring methodology that took us months to tailor and improve. It is being continuously updated. Find out more

Run by volunteers

The entire team and funding is covered by volunteers who dedicate time and money to make this happen. Find out more about why we exist

Transparent and open

All the data that we collect is published as Google spreadsheets and is open for use by journalists, academics and activists alike. Support us by donating your account.


This is valuable work! Keep it up! (@steventbrooke)
Check out @CoupMonitor if you are seeking sources on #Egypt that try to keep "accuracy" on the top of their list of priorities (@OperationEgypt)
Great work as usual by @CoupMonitor! ... (@Fattysaid)
Great idea! (@HungerStrikePM)